We are a family of photographers-- Daughter Cynthia Holling-Morris and Mom and Dad Doug and Betty Holling.  

Cynthia Holling-Morris

Dad had a darkroom in the basement when I was growing up, and that's where I first learned to love the smell of stop bath and the scarlet glow of a safelight.   Now I live in the shadow of Pikes Peak with (in addition to my wonderful family) horses, sheep, chickens, pigs, and a geriatric cow-- listening to the howls of coyotes echoing in the night across Garden of the Gods.  Lucky me!

My photography showcases my passions-- travel, dance, music, the beauty of the natural world, new places and cultural adventures.  

Doug and Betty Holling

We live in the Colorado mountains.  We are living the dream, exploring the world to create our travel and wildlife images.  


All photographs are available as canvas prints up to 40x60 inches and are perfect for residential, health care, hospitality, or corporate decor.  Please contact us with requests for custom canvas and groupings, custom sized metal or matted archival pigment prints.